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Young and Present: Being employable, it's important

As young students, the pressure of choosing the right subject is the academic mantra we adopt. We sit through back to back lectures, fall subject to the 24-hour open library sessions, and subscribe to the idea of working all night so that we can collect that degree. The vision of walking (or dancing lol) across the stage, whilst parading cap and gown and hearing the vivacious supporters cheer you on, is the last of university affairs to complete, the desired end goal for many university students.

The degree has been collected. Now you are a graduate and you begin to apply for jobs. Suddenly there is the realisation that you are not employable.

But you have the desired qualifications...so what does this mean and what's next?

Obtaining a degree is an incredible achievement; however, the honest truth is that the value of a degree, alone, is readily declining. Accompanying your degree should be other skills, other demonstrable investments, other practices in order to show yourself as a serious employable candidate.

Whether at the beginning, middle or end of university, it is never too late. Start now. Be young, be present.

Aside from hard-studying, you should:

  • enjoy and work on a craft (any craft);

  • develop hobbies;

  • volunteer and intern where you can;

  • learn and explore (cultures, sectors, countries, languages etc.).

This will make you stand out as an interesting candidate as you will be able to effortlessly talk about your 'investments' (hobbies), and how they've equipped you with the desired skills needed for the job. And... for your own self- care and self development, it will build your own confidence so that you can take on 'adulting', take on life!

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