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Taking on Personal Branding

Ronke Lawal of Ariatu PR, former SLLY mentor, gifted a ticket to her PB Masterclass and I was the lucky SLLY Mentee to be selected. Ariatu PR is dedicated to helping small and new businesses leverage PR to gain recognition and grow.

Initially, I was honestly intimidated by the intelligent women I met at the event, I had just graduated and had, partially, figured out what I wanted to do for the next few years. The women at this event, on the other hand, had clear convictions in what they wanted to achieve in this world, from Frances, who was an author that wanted to change the world’s monolith view of Africa with her storytelling, to Karen who was a counsellor that wanted to bring awareness to the normality of mental health struggles in this day and age.

However, I soon started to feel comfortable in the safe space provided and as a result the seminar became an incredibly inspiring and enlightening experience. It unexpectedly delved into the insecurities and blockers we individually had as we had to consider what our brands were, the values we held dear and our overall purpose in this world.

I took away some great tips from the session, here are three.

3 Useful Personal Branding Tips!

1. Write a small bio about yourself and constantly keep it up-to-date.

A bio gives you something to refer back to whenever in doubt of what your brand is or where you’d like to take it and therefore ensures that your branding remains consistent.

2. Curate your own media relations

You can do this through public speaking (whether that be in meetings or in front of a crowd) and attending or hosting experiences and events.

3. Use hashtags that are reflective of your values and purpose and diversify the platforms you use.

For the latter, it can be easy to neglect some online platforms but Ronke helpfully identified tools to manage multiple social media accounts such as Hootsuite and Buffer.

I highly recommend attending Ronke’s next event as personal branding, especially online, is essential for career and business progression and I gained a lot of insight in such a short period of time.

Aminat Amoo, SLLY Girl In Tech scheme mentee

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