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#SLLYMentor Esther Opoku Gyeni, Audio Producer

Success looks like liking what you do and how you do it (in the words of Maya Angelou).

Role: Audio Producer

Company: The Guardian

Sector: Creative and Media

What does your role involve?

- writing scripts

- recording podcasts and interviews

- editing podcasts and uploading them

- booking and recording voiceovers

- brainstorming new ideas with presenters

Esther's Career Journey

I wanted to be a journalist since I was a child and so started a magazine in my secondary school and joined a magazine charity based in Muswell Hill. I had a bad experience whilst doing work experience at the Independent and after seeing an interview with Trevor McDonald- I decided I wanted to be a Broadcast Journalist. I did a history degree at SOAS and then did a Masters in Broadcast Journalism. The Masters quickly killed any desire I had to be a news journalist. I met the head of BBC History who gave a talk and I talked him into giving me paid work experience in his department. From there I worked in various positions at the BBC and other indies. I got tired of TV and was offered a job at Premier Gospel radio (I'd done an internship years ago there) and now i'm at the Guardian.

3 tips for excelling in your career

- be bold and email the decision maker straight away

- be yourself but know this will close some opportunities whilst opening others

- be a team player


What qualifications do you have?

Masters degree

Degree subject: Broadcast Journalism MA University: City University

What did you take away from your university experience or education?

- how even mistakes can lead to great opportunities

- the importance of perseverance

The Jump

Tell us about the transition you found most difficult and why?

The freelance life is what I found the most difficult. I was typically someone who liked to have stability

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