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#SLLYMentor Elizabeth Davies, Physiotherapist

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Role: Physiotherapist

Company: NHS

Sector: Health and Social Care

What does your role involve? Assessing and treating people with injuries, neurological or respiratory conditions

Improving people’s function and increasing their independence with daily activities Communicating efficiently with members of staff, service users, family members Dealing with difficult situations, setting realistic expectations about people’s conditions, prognosis

Elizabeth's Career Journey

I wanted to do Physiotherapy as an undergraduate degree but didn’t get the grades. I spoke to a carer advisor who advised me to do Sports Therapy. I then applied for the Physiotherapy masters and got in after 4 interviews.

3 tips for excelling in your career:

Asking for help and advice every step of the way

Working hard at understanding the theory of different conditions and treatments

Identifying what you want to do and what specific area you want to work in


What qualifications do you have?


A Levels

Undergraduate degree

Masters degree

Degree subject(s): Bsc Sports Therapy from Coventry University and Msc Physiotherapy from University of Birmingham

University name(s): Coventry University, University of Birmingham

The Jump

Tell us about the transition you found most difficult and why?

University to my first job as a physiotherapist has been difficult it is not easy adjusting to the responsibilities of being fully qualified you still need a lot of support when having to make tough decisions or coming across conditions that you know nothing about

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