• Success Looks Like You

It’s not all about the money, money, money.

It can be about money but let’s be honest, often it’s not so it’s up to you to find what it is about.

You may be finishing school, college or in the middle of university. You may have been working for a while and just unsure of what your next step is. Some people are lucky. Those are the people who know exactly what they want to do. The ones who don’t need several careers advisors, their parents or the people around them trying to help them find a career that they ‘might be good at’. The people who seem to be applying for different work experience opportunities and internships with intent not just in the hope that they will eventually find something that’s the right fit for them. No. They’re the lucky ones. Not like you and I. So, how do you discover what it's about for you? You’ll need to ask yourself questions to find out what it is that you really want. The questions below are some for you to consider when thinking:

What do I want for my career? What are my values and morals? Does the organisation align with them? If you’re going to spend up to 5 days a week somewhere then it will become an extension of you. You’re more likely to work hard if you know that the company you work for and the work that you do matter and are inline with your interests. I want to progress, what routes are on offer? Is the organisation small, medium or large? Is there a way for move around or even up? There are never guarantees that you will receive a promotion or job change but if there’s little to no chances then you might want to think if that job is really for you. 3. What experiences and training will they offer? Similar question to the above - but different. If you’re okay to move after a period of time what will you be leaving with? What experiences will set you aside when you’re applying for your next opportunity - line management experience a formal qualification? 4. Is the social side important to you? Are there internal networks you can be a part of? Having social groups and people who you can relate to may be important to you. If you are BAME, identify as being LGBT, have a learning disability or are a working parent some companies will have employer networks, which could make work a much better place for you. My final advice: When you look at job packs you’ll find the details about the job alongside a person specification that sets out the desirable and essential skills and qualities of the person they’re looking for. You do the same and create a job specification. Set our your essentials and desirables and give your job hunting some structure.

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