• Success Looks Like You

In Pursuit of Success

Success /səkˈsɛs/: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Your family want you to find that stable corporate job that will bring you financial stability. Your employer wants you to work your way up in their company. But, are any of these things what you want?

You want to travel, see the world and experience new cultures. You want to do work you love, discover your skills and talents, and more importantly, yourself. Is that wrong? Absolutely not!

When it comes to defining success; you're in charge. Success is subjective and should not be defined by anyone other than you. You're in charge of moving the goal posts when it comes to your personal success and remember, it is more than okay to move them. 

In my opinion, the goal posts ought to be moving, if you're still alive that is!

"The most powerful forces on earth are time and change" - Dr Myles Munroe 

Therefore, if you have a definition of success, as you achieve it, it should be redefined by the change you experience. What you now know to be possible determines your definition of success. This is part of our human makeup, we have the capacity to ever grow.

Success Looks Like (whatever) You (want it to).
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