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Alternative Skills Academy: Founders and Entrepreneurs

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Our Alternative Skills Academy (ASA) matches the skills employers and businesses say they need with BME industry facilitators.

The six topics remain the same (leadership, financial management, project planning, creative thinking, digital marketing, sales) but there'll be a variety of themes, from 'starting a social business' or 'starting a tech business' or 'make money from your social media platform', led by experts in that field.

We are launching this series of one day events this October with a 'Founders and Entrepreneurs' theme. This one is for all the budding entrepreneurs and business owners, who have an idea or are at the start up phase and in need of practical guidance.

We'll have a panel of established entrepreneurs and business owners sharing their experiences/tips and six key workshops.

What you'll take away when you attend:

- Advice on business planning and business modelling

- Suggestions of companies that can help with business finance

- A workshop booklet

Date and venue are still to be confirmed but the waiting list is now open: REGISTER HERE.

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